Evaluate, Evoke, Evolve, Organise, Advise, Synergise = Evise.


Your event needs and more in one place. Sorted.

Your event needs and more in one place. Sorted.

With over 20 years’ experience, Evise is poised to help you pull your event off with panache (cue glitter cannon). We provide professional end-to-end solutions that engage, empower and excite attendees, sponsors and key stakeholders for 100–1000+ delivering ROI without forgetting FUN.

Combining industry-leading technology, project management, strategy and production, our team partners with yours to deliver innovative in-person, hybrid and virtual events designed to help organisations connect.


Smash targets. Break the mould.

We’re turning the (conference room) tables on traditional events to create exciting new experiences. Purpose-driven events that build communities and drive tangible business results. With serious tech capability, let us show you how we create physical, digital and hybrid events that help you outperform and be out of the ordinary.


Event Management

If you can think it, we can deliver it. With sound strategy, prudent planning and brilliant execution, we specialise in making your event vision a reality.



Disney calls it ‘Imagineering,’ and we couldn’t put it better ourselves. That’s to say, we devise and implement imaginative concepts that deliver ROI. Before we open the curtains, we know how to close the deal on your defined objectives.


Event Technology

We don’t just keep pace with technology. At Evise, we’re on the leading edge. We source the best tech solution for your application, never one-size-fits-all. From planning to delivery, we use tech not for tech’s sake but for purpose and on budget.


Event Delivery

Event magic doesn’t just happen. It’s expertly engineered. We’re master planners and self-confessed nerds with an eye for detail (both founders wear glasses). We work behind the scenes in pre-production, and we’re with you on the ground. Just for you, never one-size-fits-all.


Event Production

To us, events are the show business of business. We know how to ensure the most important aspects enjoy the spotlight and that no one is left in the dark or out of the loop.


Event Analytics

Did we mention we’re massive data nerds? To us, details aren’t merely ‘details.’ We delve deeper to find out what makes an attendee tick (or click). We ask questions and question the answers. We then put these learnings into action and assist with future (even next day) planning.


Faces behind Evise.

We’re event management and conferencing experts fluent in technology solutions. Heads for business combined with a unique brand of sass means our events unite creativity and commercial savvy in equal measure. It’s not only the two of us, we come with a ready made team of super experienced, best in class experts.

Jade Pearce
Profile picture of staff member Jade Pearce

Jade Pearce

Founder & Director

With over 20 years’ experience delivering events for some of Australia’s largest and most renowned organisations, Jade Pearce is one of two founding directors at Evise.

Before consulting, she was responsible for creating, developing and delivering large-scale integrated event campaigns. With an extensive background in senior roles servicing academic, corporate and government contracts, Jade has a passion for project and financial management, driving engagement and emerging event technologies. Jade has worked with some of Australia’s biggest brands and enjoys nothing more than immersing herself in their industries and business.

The fact that she proclaims to have ‘seen it all’ and takes quite a lot to excite doesn’t stop Jade’s frequent use of exclamation marks at the end of most sentences. And her penchant for stationery is a good indicator of Jade’s organisational nous and love of order. Just don’t take her yellow highlighter (!).

Case Studies

Clients we’ve been thinking   (a lot) about.


“Kylie and Jade are great collaborators; they took the time to understand what we wanted and worked tirelessly to deliver it in the most seamless way. From our perspective it was such an easy process to undertake because of how well they worked as a consolidated team with us at NGA and our event producers.”

— Adriane Boag, Program Producer Access, National Gallery of Australia & Conference Co-Producer


“I have worked closely with both Kylie and Jade at Evise for multiple events of varying sizes and formats. They provide a professional approach to all they do, clearly articulating each element through to managing each deliverable in the leadup, providing our wider team and stakeholders with utmost confidence.”

— Louise Burton, Personal Assistant to Director, Synthetic Biology Future Science Platform, CSIRO


“We found Evise an incredibly professional and digitally savvy company who made it their business to understand ours. My team loved the way Jade and Kylie got involved and constantly offered up ideas in addition to listening and building on ours. Their leadership of our event clearly demonstrated the many years of experience they have in this space. Highly recommended.”

— Steve Carroll, Founder & CEO at Digital Live


“We were so delighted to have found Evise - run by two fantastic female entrepreneurs - a true value alignment for both parties. Kylie and Jade responded quickly and clearly to our questions and were on hand to help as we crafted a solution to a complicated ticketing process. We admire their professionalism and kindness.”

— Carrie Kwan, Founder, Mums & Co



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